Ryan Neal Cordwell

Crêpe Bar

Friend and local chef, Jeff Kraus, gave myself and Royal & Design free range to create a series of content that captured the heart of his second concept, Crêpe Bar. The Tempe restaurant pulls from chef's network in community-sourced ingredients, and international influence. Published via. Royal & Design, 2015. Ryan Neal Cordwell, 2017.

Owner and proclaimed gastronomist of Arizona’s annually-consecutive, foodie-favourite, Crêpe Bar; Jeff Kraus prides himself on deliberation within his craft. He understands the importance of pace, in conceptualisation, and execution. Those who know him, do firstly for his sincerity, and second for his award-winning creativity.

The Crêpe Bar crew, #cbfaces, afford Jeff the day-to-day maintenance required of such a staple; with hand-sourced ingredients and collaborative efforts between local purveyors. And those not already familiar with CB are tirelessly recruited by the community it inspires.