Ryan Neal Cordwell

Turning The Tables Presented by MMPR Marketing & UBER

"Turning the Tables unmasks one of the most prolific (and anonymous) restaurant critics of the modern age, Howard Seftel, and sets him on a journey to discover the sights, sounds and stories that define Arizona’s most intriguing culinary creators." Ref. MMPR Marketing

Last spring, I was invited onboard to direct and capture a very special passion project by Grant Crone and Margo Kesler of MMPR, in partnership with UBER, dubbed "Turning The Tables." It was a great privilege to create the bulk of the series' first season; covering some of my favorites as well as those of Howard Seftel; Elote, Hana, Crudo and Tarbell's.

Each episode averaged fifty-five hours of post production, following a full day shoot. This project was a magnificent accomplishment for all involved. Enjoy!

Turning the Tables: Crudo

Episode 5, featuring Chef Cullen Campbell. Captured onsite at Crudo, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Turning The Tables: Elote

Episode 4, featuring Chef Jeff Smedstad. Captured onsite at Elote Cafe, in Sedona, Arizona.

Turning The Tables: Hana

Episode 3, featuring Chef Lori Hashimoto. Captured onsite at Hana Japanese Eatery, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Turning the Tables: Tarbell's

Episode 2, featuring Chef Mark Tarbell. Captured onsite at Tarbell's, in Phoenix, Arizona.