Ryan Neal Cordwell

Estival Survey, In Cooperation With FOLK Magazine, Alaska

We’d gone in, a band of misfit storytellers, photographers and makeshift transcontinental navigators. We’d agreed to drive our friends’ [Float Balloon Tours] hot air balloon from Phoenix, some four thousand miles, to Anchorage. Upon our arrival, the Cloth & Flame and Royal & Design teams would rendezvous and fly the balloon over the great Alaskan frontier. We’d camp, cook and share in campfire tomfoolery along the way. We’d collect our cast as the journey unfolded, and exchange it as the screenplay called fitting. We’d gather the endorsement from our favorite like-minded brands, and set course into the true unknown, unruly and untamed wilderness of the far north. We’d no idea what we were getting into, but as the self-proclaimed crew of the first Survey; Estival Survey, we had done the best we damn could to prepare.

Created by Ryan Neal Cordwell & Royal & Design, 2016
Feat. Song For a Girl, "Orem Dugas," Jared & The Mill, 2016
Feat. Cloud of Thoughts, "Soulless Computer and The Eternal Render," Trevor Something, 2016

No drones were us in the making of this film. Headphones or silent listening environments encouraged.

Estival Survey 2016 Featurette, In Cooperation With Folk Magazine, Presenting "Song For a Girl" by Jared & The Mill